TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang! tries to get a rise out of Nathan Fielder

Why is “Weird Al” Yankovic creeping around the Comedy Bang! Bang! set with an airhorn? Because Nathan Fielder, known for the deadest of deadpans, is the first guest on “Nathan Fielder Wears A Blue And Grey Flannel And Jeans,” and Scott’s determined to get a rise out of him. It’s not easy. It’s not even possible until he plays along to save Scott from his own enthusiasm for pranks… and from his bum ticker.

But Fielder’s got a trick of his own to play, and that famous deadpan helps him get away with it. His impassive air of neutrality lets him play Al and Scott against each other, quietly goading each to stand his ground over a salary negotiation, so he can swoop in and take the bandleader spot Al’s just vacated. “It’s not personal, it’s just business,” he says, and in that …

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