TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang! teaches the world a valuable lesson about what’s cooler than being cool

While Comedy Bang! Bang! is able to be weird all within the confines of the talk show set, five seasons of the series have shown that the world in which it exists is endlessly fascinating. That’s not even keeping in mind the fact that aliens exists, as does time travel—the simple fact that Comedy Bang! Bang! takes place in an alternate, more exaggerated version of the television industry provides the series with so many fascinating creative options. “Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wears A Brown Checked Shirt And Stripey Socks” focused on Scott Aukerman being torn between two worlds, his weird talk show-sitcom-sketch comedy show and his classic family sitcom. “Eddie George Wears A Navy Suit And Half-zip Pullover” brought the world of televised sports into the Comedy Bang! Bang! universe with Sports Circumference. And of course, the series as a whole has long made fodder of the very concept …

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