TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Skylar Astin Wears Blue Jeans And Weathered Brown Desert Boots”

Three minutes into his guest spot on tonight’s Comedy Bang! Bang!—just after announcing his decision not to “arbitrarily shoehorn” singing into his performances—Skylar Astin finds a stray microphone tucked under his couch cushion, and he breaks into a full-throated rendition of “Bah Bah Black Sheep.” It’s a silly bit, introduced with an artificiality that’s absurd even by CB!B!’s standards, executed flawlessly, and connected to nothing else in the show.

The whole episode feels like that: It’s a string of bits introduced with elaborately heightened artifice, each performed with perfect pitch but untethered from each other. Often, the off-kilter goofiness of Comedy Bang! Bang! is grounded by a coherent theme or running gag, but here, every individual element feels like a one-off joke, from Skylar Astin’s segments to Scott’s teen-comedy romance with his tutor to the appearances of the newly introduced …

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