TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Schoolboy Q Wears A Patterned Bucket Hat And Glasses”

Now there’s that uncomfortable line between “ironic hipster comedy” and just plain nonsense. With the first two episodes of this fourth season of Comedy Bang! Bang! being a return to the form, it makes sense to assume that streak would continue. Rapper Schoolboy Q is an out-of-left-field choice for a guest, but “out-of-left-field” really just describes Comedy Bang! Bang! and its particular brand of comedy. Being a comedian isn’t a prerequisite for having a good episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! episode (“Wayne Coyne Wears A Halloween Costume” was one of the best episodes of season three, after all), but it does make it an uphill battle if the guest isn’t from that world.

In the case of Schoolboy Q, the problem is the fact that the rapper is very much on the cusp of being a great guest throughout most of the episode, but his laid back …

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