TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Randall Park Wears Brown Dress Shoes With Blue Socks”

Everyone’s confused on “Randall Park Wears Brown Dress Shoes With Blue Socks.” Scott meant to pick out a new hat at Dinah’s Hatties, but without his glasses, he wandered into the identical nearby Hattie’s Diner and walked out with a pancake firmly planted on his head. Kid Cudi thinks his new roommate is annoying, but that guy isn’t a roommate at all! He’s a thief who tied up Cudi to steal his jewelry and car. Randall Park is only a little confused by Scott’s pancake hat. He takes it in stride, but Scott and visiting novelist Richard Bunn (Paul Brittain) trap him in a confusing world of fiction instead.

The characters are confused, but the episode isn’t. It’s got a strong through line from the moment Cudi urges his Comedy Bang! Bang! colleagues to give Scott plenty of encouragement so he’ll …

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