TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Maya Rudolph Wears A Black Shirt And Strappy Sandals”

There’s just something about the Point Break (or The Fast And The Furious, depending on your upbringing and/or age) film trope that appeals to the masses. It’s a twist on the bad boy with a heart of gold trope (yes, tropes on top of tropes), with the hero cop seeing past shallow things like rap sheets and criminal misconduct. “One last wave” and family trump little things like the law when it comes to this type of story. As five-time WCW Champion Booker T would say: “You gotta love it.”

“Maya Rudolph Wears A Black Shirt And Strappy Sandals” is an outright homage to Point Break, with a letterboxed, widescreen style to go with its big screen story. (The Bill & Ted reference later in the episode points to Scott Aukerman fancying himself more of a Keanu Reeves than a Paul Walker.) Reggie and Scott are going …

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