TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Lil Jon Wears A Baseball Cap And Sunglasses”

It cannot be said enough: When it comes to choosing episode guests, Comedy Bang! Bang! (and Scott Aukerman, of course) knows just how to exceed audience expectations. There’s no reason an episode with Lil Jon and Tom Green—two performers who are very much relics of certain eras in a lot of ways—as main guests should be great, or even really good. Both are acquired tastes, for sure, but on a show that also has Vince Gilligan, patron saint of high brow entertainment, there’s a definite dichotomy. The words “high brow” and Lil Jon and Tom Green really don’t go hand in hand.

Then again, Comedy Bang! Bang!—despite its hipster sensibilities and critical praise—doesn’t claim to be “high brow” itself. Some of the best jokes of both the show and the podcast are really dumb things in the first place. This episode alone …

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