TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Ken Marino Wears A Slim Gray Suit And Salmon Tie”

Last week’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, “Tom Lennon Wears Black Slacks And A Black Skinny Tie,” was the type of ambitious episode that the series constantly knocks out of the park. It was another reminder of how Comedy Bang! Bang! is clearly an intense labor of love from Scott Aukerman and the writers, something that can be taken for granted since the show is pretty much at a consistent baseline of “very good.” The truly great episodes are always fascinating to watch from more than just a comedy standpoint, and as such, the transition back to “very good” can be a jarring one. This of course segues into this week’s episode, “Ken Marino Wears A Slim Gray Suit And Salmon Tie,” the episode that just so happened to draw the short straw of airing after a truly great episode (and also feature an alum of The State …

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