TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Karen Gillan Wears A Black and White Striped Pullover and Coral Skirt”

Sometimes Comedy Bang! Bang! is uncomplicatedly its familiar silly self. Sometimes it goes darker or eerier. And sometimes, like tonight, it stakes out its territory by illustrating what it’s not.

Comedy Bang! Bang! isn’t the reserved, intellectualized comedy embodied by Scott’s writers, a covey of “Ivy-League jerks” who pitch sketches like “The Pythagorean Gangnam Style,” “Real Housewives of Ingmar Bergman,” and “YouTube Commenter Who Uses An Oxford Comma Incorrectly.” (In Bossypants, Tina Fey describes this perennial writers’ room type as “hyper-intelligent Harvard boys,” noting “if you had nothing but Harvard guys the whole show would be made up of commercial parodies about people wearing barrels after the 1929 stock-market crash.”)

Comedy Bang! Bang! isn’t the bawdy, dated punchline comedy of old-school comic Harvey Wrinkleman (Bob Einstein), the surviving half of Wrinkleman & Irons, who regales the studio with hacky dirty jokes and memories of sexually harassing …

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