TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Joel McHale Wears A Navy Zip-up And High Tops”

Time travel is more than canon in the Comedy Bang! Bang! universe. It’s almost routine, whether it’s sending Scott and Reggie “back to the time period following the present” to craft the perfect show, setting the stage for a 1960s period-piece extravaganza, mentioned in passing in Anna Kendrick’s casual anecdote about uncreating the universe, or following Lennon Parham’s Gabby through decades, then millennia, to track the progress of women in the workplace. So it was only a matter of time (hoo boy) before a visitor from the future arrived, all nude and slithery, to warn Scott and Reggie of the downfall of humanity at the hands (plugs? ports? Bluetooths? Blueteeth?) of Scott’s shiny new toy, the Comedy Touch Touch 1000.

Scott Aukerman, Reggie Watts (IFC)

Nameless Naked Man (CB!B! writer, producer, and recurring actor Neil Campbell, who has also supplied the voice of …

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