TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “James Marsden Wears Gray Pants And Black High-Top Sneakers”

With all due respect to this week’s guest, “James Marsden Wears Gray Pants And Black High-Top Sneakers” is more about Comedy Bang! Bang! nurturing the on-screen connection between Scott Aukerman and Kid Cudi than providing a platform for that sadly neglected slice of the Hollywood community, the handsome, affable, steadily employed leading man.

Reggie Watts left some big foot grooves to fill, and Kid Cudi’s doing it ably. Following the self-conscious conflict and reconciliation of Cudi’s introduction, the show is building between them the same flexible relationship it manufactured, week by week, for Scott and Reggie: best friends, mortal enemies, whatever.

This idea is made literal in the preview of Scott and Cudi’s upcoming “pretty gritty” feature film. After a supply run in the zombie-devastated wasteland, Scott (boasting a broad Southern accent) quizzes Cudi about the foraging team’s survival rate, and each time, Cudi replies …

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