TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang! introduces Scotty to the Clone Club

Comedy Bang! Bang! and Orphan Black are obviously two shows that don’t have a lot in common—other than being Emmy eligible, that is—but the bridge between the two has ended up being shorter than one would assume. Orphan Black stars/Comedy Bang! Bang! fans Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun have both been on the podcast, with the former even playing a character and the latter popping up again on the Comedy Bang! Bang! live show. Unfortunately, that has not led to either of them being on the show yet, but “T-Pain Wears A Shredded Jeans And A Printed Shirt” makes up for that with its own approach to the wonderful world of cloning.

What at first feels like a “being in two places at once” storyline for Scott Aukerman—which the show pulled off pretty well in a previous episode—quickly turns into Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s …

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