TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang! goes all-out on ghosts and all-in on Halloween

Halloween’s coming, and it’s time to welcome Comedy Bang! Bang! back like an old friend. Just like Scott’s welcoming Gillian Jacobs! Or maybe we’re welcoming Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s back-to-back return more like we’d welcome that neighbor the whole HOA is looking askance at. You know the one: He’s got panache, but he’s also got a broken, befouled birdbath on his eyesore of a lawn. Or maybe we’re just welcoming it back with chaffing fondness, like you reserve for the dorky, good-hearted neighbor who goes all-in on Halloween, like Comedy Bang! Bang! always does.

Yes, between the return to the airwaves and the Halloween holiday, it’s another banner day for Scott and for Comedy Bang! Bang! [See banner.] And Scott’s celebrating with a savvy money-making scheme.

“Holy crap! A banner!” (Screenshot: IFC)

The residents of nearby Silverhaired Springs Retirement Community …

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