TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang! finally plays Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

A new season of Comedy Bang! Bang! has arrived, and with it comes another new band leader. Farewell, Kid Cudi—it’s “Weird Al” Yankovic’s time to shine. That’s already two new things to check off the the Comedy Bang! Bang! checklist, but surprisingly, nothing really feels like it’s changed with “Kevin Bacon Wears A Blue Button Down Shirt And Brown Boots.”

Comedy Bang! Bang! returns to its absurd version of the status quo with every new episode, and that also applies to its season premieres. The introduction of “Weird Al” Yankovic as the new bandleader truly falls in line with that; with the exception of a line about how Scott hasn’t really taken to “Weird Al” like the rest of the crew has, there’s no sense of him even being the new kid in town. Already, he’s just a part of the show …

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