TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Eddie George Wears A Navy Suit And Half-zip Pullover”

In “Schoolboy Q Wears A Patterned Bucket Hat And Glasses,” LaToya Ferguson ponders the qualities that help a guest match Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s peculiar cadences, pointing out that it’s an uphill battle for a guest from outside the world of comedy.

Eddie George makes that battle look easy. His earnest assurance and open, expansive presence dovetail with Scott’s persona—tonight, that of the nerd put upon by jocks—to make the whole show flow smoothly.

I was #blindsided by how effortlessly funny this episode is. From the out-of-studio opening sequence that establishes the framing device—Johnny Tigers’ decree that the nerds of Comedy Bang! Bang! and the jocks of Sports Circumference squash their prank war once and for all by swapping subject matter for one fateful episode—to Eddie George’s interview segment to the Sports Circumference supplements, every element worked in harmony… harmony as sweet as …

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