TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Dax Shepard Wears A Heather Grey Shirt And Black Blazer”

Comedy Bang! Bang! is unique in both its origin (the podcast that beget a network that beget a television show) and its execution. Aukerman and gang are just as happy with a roulette of random sketches as they are with a heavily-themed episode. In “Dax Shepard Wears A Heather Grey Shirt And Black Blazer,” Bang! Bang! attempts a high-minded concept episode that pays off in spades.

Immediately, Mr. Stingy drops in to set up the episode’s frame. The evil landlord conducts an illegal inspection and finds multiple violations (“You’ve completely demolished the fourth wall!”). Aukerman has to raise a ridiculous amount of cash by the end of the show or they will all be evicted. This is a rote MacGuffin for Bang! Bang! by now, Aukerman must do something by the end of the episode or else the show is no longer. Watts suggests the addition of a …

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