TV Club: Come to Girlfriends’ Guide for the glam, stay for the frothy drama

Hey there. Hi. You might have traveled over to this review because there is almost no other new TV content now that most shows are on this new thing called the winter hiatus or whatever. But Girlfriends’ Guide may be a fine vehicle to get you through winter break, especially for people who like watching things that give them wardrobe/house/partner/party envy. This episode really managed to knock out all of these, because no one throws a party like the girlfriends throw a party. Even if I had had an engagement party like Delia does this episode, I doubt it would have involved women lolling about for the entire evening in life-sized champagne glasses. Just for starters.

Look past the glam, and what’s fun about Girlfriends is it shows the interplay between a group of four women who are no longer the age of the girls in …

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