TV Club: Colony’s second season ends with an alien close-up and a armed showdown

What’s most significant about “Ronin,” the title of the second-season finale of Colony, is that it’s a sobriquet that could arguably be applied to each of the characters for different reasons. It refers to a wandering samurai, one who has lost their master, either through the death or fall of their lord or by falling out of favor with them. And as the hijacked security car travels down the road into no man’s land, any of the people we’ve focused on is potentially ronin—or maybe everyone. Will, the former FBI agent, lost his real master long ago, but pretended to be serving the Global Authority for as long as he could. Katie, the former bar owner, is finally living outside the law that always held her back and kept her scared. Snyder has seemingly betrayed his employers for the sake of siding with the morally …

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