TV Club: Colony storms the gates with a tracking shot worthy of Alfonso Cuarón

Well, that was a case of one step forward, two steps back underground. Sure, Will, Katie, Broussard, and Morgan got the gauntlet, but at the cost of the pilot’s life. Which is a bit of a problem, considering she was the only one who knew how to make contact with the resistance group outside the wall. Honestly, during the assault on the Red Hand, there’s no reason she should’ve taken the lead. Or, if she’s going to burst into rooms first and potentially be murdered—i.e. exactly what happened—maybe sharing some communication details with our group might’ve been a good idea. That was some poor planning.

But when an action sequence is that thrilling, it goes a long way toward helping the audience overlook a few stupid narrative choices. Even on a show that has historically excelled at firefights, holy hell, that was …

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