TV Club: Collateral damage makes Making A Murderer hard to watch

Maybe it’s my liberal leanings, but all I could think during episodes three and four of Making A Murderer was, “Oh man, this poor kid.” We don’t know at this point whether or not he actually did anything, but we did get multiple brutal, heartbreaking scenes with Brendan Dassey that illustrate exactly how broken the criminal justice system seems to be, and how easily and swiftly it can crush people who have no resources.

First was the indefensible interview with the learning-disabled 16-year-old, who was essentially force-fed details about the crime until he regurgitated them back. It reminded me of the West Memphis 3 case, in which Jessie Misskelley was clearly also coached. When one of the investigators, after ages trying to get Dassey to say something about shooting the victim, Teresa Hallbach, finally cracks and feeds him the information that she actually had been shot… Awful. Brutal …

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