TV Club Classic: The Simpsons (Classic): “The Canine Mutiny”

“The Canine Mutiny” (originally aired 04/13/1997)

In which Santos L. Halper destroys his credit history…

Bart Simpson represents an ever-present challenge for The Simpsons‘ writers. He’s always walking a fine line between Dennis The Menace and The Bad Seed, and only through careful balancing does Bart come across as a mischievous, rebellious kid who occasionally lacks empathy but never lacks heart. When that balance isn’t achieved, Bart becomes a sociopathic, yellow demon spawn with neither awareness of nor interest in the havoc he creates around him.

In the final stretch of season eight, Bart leans toward the character’s darker, more vindictive side, which is a matter of how the episodes are sequenced. “The Canine Mutiny,” which features some of Bart’s unkindest moments, comes so closely on the heels of “My Sister, My Sitter” and “Grade School Confidential,” two more episodes in which Bart’s …

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