TV Club Classic: The Simpsons (Classic): “Lisa The Skeptic”

In which Lisa is left strainin’ to do some explainin’.

In a show as long-lived as The Simpsons, characters coarsen. It‘s all too easy to say the show isn’t as good as it used to be—a dull refrain whose opening strains truly gathered strength in this ninth season—but for a half-hour family comedy to endure for 26 seasons (nearly 600 episodes!?) means that the show’s characters have been through innumerable hands, twisted out of shape and back again. Every Simpsons fan can point out the moment when their favorite character did something uncharacteristic, betrayed who they are—or who each viewer sees them to be.

There’s truth there, as far as it goes. As we reach the beginning of the end of what’s considered “classic Simpsons,” the cracks that begin to show see the characters starting to drift at times, their actions and …

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