TV Club Classic: The Gilmore Girls return from Europe, and TV Club Classic returns in general

Hey everyone: Welcome back to TV Club Classic! I am picking up the years-old, cobwebbed mantle from former A.V. Club contributor David Sims to take us through the final four seasons of Gilmore Girls. As Simmmms pointed out in his final GG review for this site in 2013, there is a definitive break between seasons three and four of the series. Once Rory goes off to Yale, the show is less about these two raising each other and more about contrived events to bring together two people who now live in separate areas of Connecticut. Yes, there are some horrifying things afoot in GG‘s final years, but at least in season four, we know that we end on an absolute upswing with “Raincoats And Recipes.” So I will be revisiting two of these episodes per week until we’re finished, so snuggle in for the next year or …

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