TV Club Classic: Homer finds the inspiration to be a good dad—and it’s in bar form!

King Of The Hill” (season nine, episode 23; originally aired 05/03/1998)

In which Mr. Simpson will plant this flag as an eternal symbol of man’s contempt for nature…

The often repeated refrain about The Simpsons is in that terms of storytelling the show has effectively scraped the bottom of the barrel so deeply that it’s worked its way through residue, varnish, wood, and is now staring to tap on the bedrock. As vast as Springfield is there’s only so many jokes that can be told about these characters, particularly when despite some incremental evolutions here and there, the world isn’t allowed to change all that much. South Park memorably speared the trend in its sixth season episode, creating a phrase as quotable as anything that Matt Groening and company introduced over the years: “Simpsons did it!”

On the surface it’s easy to throw …

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