TV Club Classic: Gilmore Girls take over the world, including diners and trees

“The Fundamental Things Apply” (season four, episode five, originally aired 10/21/2003)

Guys, help me out. Maybe I have a possibly unreasonable amount of love for Kelly Bishop due to this show, Bunheads, even Dirty Dancing, for God’s sake. I get that Lorelai’s upbringing was obviously traumatic, and she felt like her own personality was being stilted. But that was almost 20 years in Gilmore Girls time, and all I’ve seen Emily do over these past few seasons is try to get back into her daughter’s life. The fact that Lorelai would fire a designer she really likes just because she once worked with Emily, or would turn down a job because her mother is involved, shows a pronounced state of arrested adolescence to me. Lorelai telling her mother whether or not she’s making it to dinner is a completely reasonable from Emily, and …

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