TV Club Classic: Doctor Who (Classic): “The Armageddon Factor”

Now that we’re all the way to the end of the Key To Time saga, it’s obvious that this experiment in telling a single story that spanned all 26 episodes and 10-plus hours of the 1978-1979 season was far less ambitious than it might have seemed back during “The Ribos Operation.” Although the season has its moments, in the final analysis the story of the Key quest itself is so thin and underdeveloped that there is very little actually connecting the six individual serials. It’s s black mark on producer Graham Williams, who presided over Tom Baker’s middle three years as the Fourth Doctor, that the series consistently failed to do anything with the central quest that supposedly inspired the whole year’s events. And with “The Armageddon Factor,” it limps its way through long, drawn-out disappointment, maybe three episodes’ worth of actual story excruciatingly over-stretched …

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