TV Club Classic: Doctor Who (Classic): “Pyramids Of Mars”

When fans of Doctor Who have gathered in their collective wisdom to choose which stories are best, or at least most popular, “Pyramids Of Mars” routinely ranks very, very high. In the well-known Mighty 200 poll that Doctor Who Magazine did in 2009, for instance, it’s the fourth-highest Classic-era story out of more than 150, topped only by “Caves Of Androzani,” “Genesis Of The Daleks,” and “Talons Of Weng-Chiang.” That seems a little off to me—considering how slapdash and full of plot holes its finale is, I can think of a dozen Doctor Who serials I’d rank more highly in my personal list, including two made the same year. And yet even if it doesn’t quite hang together at the end, there are a wealth of terrific moments on the way there. I still enjoy the hell out of it. So the salient question isn’t …

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