TV Club: Class takes Doctor Who back to school

What’s it like to be an ordinary high schooler in the Doctor Who universe? That’s an intriguing premise for a show, but it’s not quite an accurate description of Class. This is instead about what it’s like to be an ordinary high schooler when the Doctor Who universe suddenly explodes into one’s previously ordinary life. After all, the show doesn’t really appear to take place a world where, say, every dead person on Earth briefly came back as a Cyberman, as theoretically happened a couple years ago. Admittedly, new Doctor Who and its spinoffs have always played fast and loose on just how much those world-girdling invasions should affect well, the world, but apart from April’s blasé reaction to Charlie and Miss Quill being aliens, this show mostly opts for tabula rasa when it comes to alien invasions. Leaving aside any (admittedly minor …

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