TV Club: Claire has a no good, very bad day in Flesh and Bone’s lackluster second episode

“Episode 2” of Flesh and Bone starts to show its cracks with style overriding the narrative drama. Not a whole lot happens in the second episode that pushes forward the plot of the entire series, which would be fine if this wasn’t a miniseries with only a scant few episodes. The second episode could be used to deepen characters — as this one attempts to do — rather than dial up the drama. But when there’s only eight episodes to tell a story, time is comparatively precious. This lack of dramatic thrust is only made more apparent by Dave Porter’s score, which is used to such an overbearing degree in this episode. The tone created in the first episode, based on both Porter’s score and David Michôd’s direction, worked perfectly well because there was the story to support it. That’s not necessarily the case with the …

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