TV Club: Chuck soars and Axe unravels as Billions stays the course

Ten episodes in, the trajectories of season two remain steady. The other shoe has yet to drop. A couple of episodes back, I figured Chuck had peaked and Axe had hit rock bottom, but that isn’t the case at all. Cut off from his family and alienated from almost everyone else in his life, Axe finds himself with a shortage of friendly faces to turn to in his time of crisis. At the other extreme, Chuck is the master of his destiny, turning every potential misstep to his advantage. The question is: how long can this dynamic continue to reap dramatic benefits for Billions?

“With Or Without You” isn’t a dull episode by any means, but it has a certain repetitive quality (and I’m not just referring to Axe’s endless series of voicemail messages). Maybe that’s appropriate for an episode named after a U2 song …

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