TV Club: Christine finds herself in the season finale of The Girlfriend Experience

One of the most prominent themes throughout the first season of The Girlfriend Experience has been the theme of control. These reviews, and many people in the comments, have engaged with what it means for Christine, someone who’s so unknowable, to have control over her life. There have been debates about Christine’s mental state, her ultimate intentions, her choices, and her seeming consistent ebb and flow between moments of control and moments of emotional and physical breakdown. The season’s penultimate episode, “Home,” brought that idea to the forefront, confronting Christine’s selfishness (or strength and independence, depending on your perspective), but only teased the full extent of her capabilities and resourcefulness. “Separation” is the full reveal, and it’s dazzling to witness.

There’s serious potential for “Separation” to be a divisive episode; it’s practically begging for a mixed reaction. All the players from earlier this …

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