TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “With Great Power…” (aka “Lola Pouting”)

We are five episodes in season six, and it looks like this might be the season that will be known as the gimmick-of-the-week season. In a way, Childrens Hospital has almost always been a gimmick-of-the-week series, but this current season has put those gimmicks more fully on display. Last week was the fan writing competition episode, the premiere had a surprise pregnancy, and in between have been adventures to the White House and revelations about secret siblings. The best way to think of these episodes now, especially after season five’s more “subdued” vibe (due to the locale), is to think of them more as weekly attractions. To think of it as though the show within the show is living sweeps week with every episode. Season four also had its own event episodes, but that season as a whole is more of an exploration of various genres than a weekly …

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