TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “We Are Not Our DNA”

As LaToya alluded to in her review of last week’s episode, part of the behind-the-scenes reality of Childrens Hospital is that it’s very much a labor of love for everyone involved, meaning it’s something that the cast members can only do when their busy schedules allow, and it just isn’t possible to get every cast member for every single episode. Generally, the show masks this well, with the steady stream of high-concept episodes providing ample distraction from the absences of one or two actors—or, in the case of “British Hospital,” the entire regular cast. (It also doesn’t hurt that Valerie Flame was originally devised as a replacement for Cat Black, building in some redundancy into the ensemble.) Tonight’s “We Are Not Our DNA” is unusual then in that the absence of so many characters is actually noticeable: Cat and Glenn are missing for …

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