TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Sperm Bank Heist”

Childrens Hospital has always sort of been a strange hybrid action-medical comedy. It does “big event” episodes pretty often, with its characters serving not just as heroes (who are really kind of villains) in the medical field but also in the world around them. They’re supposedly (with the exception of maybe Blake) the best at what they do in their world, which is kind of a terrifying thought for such a world in the first place. That of course translates into them also making the perfect heist team in the straightforwardly titled “Sperm Bank Heist.”

The Michael Colton and John Aboud-penned episode (the duo were also responsible for “We Are Not Our DNA” and “Just Like Cyrano de Bergerac”) is an ode to Leverage, of all shows, as well as the general concept of the heist film. In true Childrens Hospital fashion, the show takes an already kind of …

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