TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Me, Owen”

After an intensely bizarre episode, Childrens Hospital is back to its standard level of bizarre with “Me, Owen.” There’s a murderer on the loose at Childrens (because why wouldn’t there be?), and he’s copycatting murders from 15 years ago. Or is he? (He’s not.) It’s a flashback episode, and better yet, it’s a very loose, tangential sequel to season four’s fantastic “Childrens Lawspital” (both episodes directed by Ken Marino); however, this episodes decides to go the gritty, grey crime drama route instead of just plain lowly old Law & Order. The episodes also follows the first rule of Childrens Hospital: It’s never a bad thing when Detective Chance Briggs (“you old bucket of shrimp”) is on the case. Maybe that’s more of a guideline or even just a fun fact, but it’s still very much true. Nick Offerman’s gruff …

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