TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Koontz Is Coming”

Season six of Childrens Hospital is on a hot streak right now. Coming back to the hospital in Brazil (which, of course, is where they are) after season five’s army base, M*A*S*H season was really the best thing the show could have done, and it’s managed to prove that with each episode. That’s not even to say season five of Childrens Hospital was bad—looking back at the episodes in the season, it was full of winners—but there was something off about the locale and the tone of the season from the start, something that never quite felt right, except for in the case of something like “Country Weekend” or even “The Gang Gets Sushi.” Last season was a lofty concept on a show all about lofty concepts (and a little toilet humor), an homage on a show all about homages.

But when …

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