TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Just Like Cyrano de Bergerac”

Love. In some ways, love is the key to Childrens Hospital. There was definitely a voiceover about it in the first season. Almost everyone on the show has slept with each other at least once at this point, and they will continue to sleep with each other again at some point. In fact, according to “The ‘70s Episode,” Glenn’s first day at Childrens ended in an orgy. Childrens Hospital (the place and the show) means love and then some. So that also means love for Blake Downs, who, if we’re keeping score, might actually be the most reprehensible character on this series (it’s a toss-up between himself, Chief, and Val, really).

Depending on the particular episode, it’s impossible to believe that Blake is a functional human being, let alone a functional doctor. In “Just Like Cyrando de Bergerac,” Blake can’t even come up with simple …

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