TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Five Years Later”

Last season on Childrens Hospital, the old crew took some time off and away from their home at Childrens in Brazil in order to work on an army base in Japan. These are both places that the cast and characters were in. It was supposed to be the M*A*S*H-style season in a way, finally allowing the show to embrace such ridiculous comparisons outside the requisite Sal Viscuso presence. Unfortunately, the change of scenery also coincided with what was perhaps the series’ weakest season. It wasn’t necessarily the concept’s fault but instead that the episodes felt “off” (for lack of a better word) with the new location and the standard fact that the show, as usual, had to battle with actors’ schedules. Plus, “weak” for Childrens Hospital doesn’t exactly translate to bad, and there were truly some classics in the season (“Country Weekend” and …

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