TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Fan Fiction”

From the very beginning, Childrens Hospital has mined laughs from its ability to throw every single cliche and trope at the wall and have it stick. This is a show that once had a season-long “tomato/tomahto” bit, simply because it could.

Season one was Childrens Hospital at its most “cohesive,” in regards to the season-long arcs and the straight-up parodying of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. But since then, Childrens Hospital has mocked pretty much everything it possibly can, from legal dramas to romantic comedies, all with the backdrop of the medical night time soap behind it. Much like Eagleheart transcended its Walker Texas Ranger spoof roots early on—even when people refused to let the comparisons go—Childrens Hospital quickly became too much of its own bizarre thing to “just” be a parody of Grey’s Anatomy.

Because of that adaptability, we’re six seasons in and …

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