TV Club: Childrens Hospital discovers what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

“DOY” doesn’t set a high bar with its Previously On, part exposition that the characters who can make it this week are nominated for Doctor Of The Year and part Blake being the obnoxious bully instead of taking his rightful place as the obnoxiously bullied, but it has a hell of a first line after the credits: “I need to lie down,” says Chet. “All that driving gave me road head.” In retrospect it’s kind of a Seth Morris joke, a fake malady named for a non-medical term, but I burst out laughing nonetheless. And that’s just a hint at the nonchalant sexual comedy to, um, come.

In general, a show is at its best when it can’t pass for any other show. When it’s most itself. That’s a tricky way to approach Childrens Hospital, since almost everything is so malleable, but it’s …

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