TV Club: Childrens Hospital: “Codename: Jennifer”

The saddest part of Childrens Hospital‘s fifth season (assuming you think the word “sad” is ever applicable to the series) was the departure of Dr. Lola Spratt in “The Gang Gets Sushi.” Sure, it was obvious that she was going to eventually return—she did “die” at the end of season one only to come back in season two and admit she faked her death—but post-season one Childrens Hospital has always had the added worry about certain actors’ availability on an episode-to-episode basis. Erinn Hayes’ absense was felt after “The Gang Gets Sushi,” and it’s was symptomatic of the show’s general vibe (both its humor and how bizarre it is) sometimes changing depending on just which busy cast members can actually be in an episode and what character interactions you can get (even if character relationships change regularly).

One guarantee, however, is that an episode of …

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