TV Club: Chickens (temporarily) come home to roost as Veep sets up its finale

Selina Meyer was a terrible president. She had no clear agenda, she dithered over what should have been easy decisions, and every significant accomplishment or morally sound choice she made was driven by self-interest. Veep may have started with Selina as a well-intentioned but powerless figurehead, but as soon as she started to gain power and was forced to choose between her status and her principles, those pesky beliefs melted away. Cynicism and skepticism of the motivations and machinations of those in power is at the core of the series, requiring Selina to grow more insidious over time, and the writers have not disappointed. Her seasons-long parade of ill-intentioned choices makes the specter of Selina’s comeuppance this episode all the more delicious, and makes its immediate reversal all the more disappointing.

As in “Judge,” this episode gives the cast plenty of interesting material to work with but doesn’t …

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