TV Club: Cheryl Blossom claims her rightful spot on the Riverdale throne

In the second episode of Riverdale, Alice Cooper makes a joke about the Blossom family hosting Satanic rituals and sacrifices at their home. It’s easy to take it as just that—a joke—or even a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reference, given the source material. But here in “Chapter Five: Heart Of Darkness,” that joke takes on a whole new meaning when we finally see the Blossoms up close and personal. You see, the Blossom parents (Mrs. Blossom, especially), are absolutely frightening. Past moments like Mrs. Blossom slapping the life out of Alice Cooper or even both parents yanking the “guilty” Cheryl out of school have felt like normal, grieving parental behavior. But at the same time, the obvious weirdness of both Jason and Cheryl had to come from somewhere, and this episode finally makes that source perfectly clear. While Sheriff Keller said Jason faking his death to run …

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