TV Club: Charlie catches a leprechaun in the best It’s Always Sunny of the season

What’s so outstanding about “Charlie’s Catches A Leprechaun” is how everything makes perfect sense. Being It’s Always Sunny, and being the Gang, perfect sense means a destroyed truck, eight counts of kidnapping, a decimated bar, Charlie reenacting the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs, (adult) child abandonment, animal abuse, paint abuse, and innumerable acts of verbal cruelty. And while those are all, at various times, just part of a normal day for the Gang, this episode fits every action, no matter how depraved or how escalatingly absurd, into a clockwork marvel of dark comic mayhem so tight and focused I wanted to applaud.

Every character’s journey in “Charlie Catches A Leprechaun” just works. Dennis, ever obsessed with control and self-aggrandizement, sees his St. Patrick’s Day plan for a mobile Paddy’s Pub thwarted immediately in tiny, infuriating increments. Even trying to introduce his scheme to the …

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