TV Club: Charging men and muddled decisions on Fargo

Why did Hank leave the Blumquist house without checking on Peggy? “Rhinoceros” is a crackerjack hour of television, holding over the level of tension from last week’s episode while upping the ante considerably, as nearly every character finds him or herself facing down a life-or-death situation. We’re past the halfway mark in the season’s run (I know, right?), which makes this an ideal time to start turning the screws. And boy, were some screws turned here. Little is resolved, but confrontations which have been building from the start are finally starting to boil, and there’s a live-wire feeling that just about anything could happen at any time. Everyone is standing over an open grave, waiting for a push.

Which makes me feel more than a little miserly for not being able to get past a small, but crucial, point: why did Hank, after waking up on …

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