TV Club: Character Drama, Not Neo-Noir Mood, Dominates the TV Adaptation of Animal Kingdom

In his 2010 Australian crime drama Animal Kingdom, writer/director David Michôd made a somewhat heavy-handed meal out of comparing the central Cody crime family to that of a pecking-order-obsessed animal kingdom; witness the wild-animal illustrations that dominate its opening credits, and the speech a detective gives in order to convince one of the sons to give up the rest of his family. By comparison, Jonathan Lisco—an executive producer of this new American TV-series adaptation, and writer of tonight’s first two episodes—relegates the metaphor to a simple line of dialogue Craig Cody (Ben Robson) delivers, gun in hand, to Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole) in encouraging him to pull that gun on a bunch of angry surfers: “Show ’em who’s king, man.”

Such subtlety is befitting of a series that, at least on the basis of tonight’s first two episodes, appears to be differentiating itself …

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