TV Club: Chaos is what Guardians of the Galaxy needs in its most entertaining episode

This exchange basically sums up Guardians of the Galaxy thus far:

Gamora: Do you have any idea what you’re doing, Quill?

Peter: Some… a little… maybe… I don’t know.

Guardians of the Galaxy is all over the place. Fun, genuinely enjoyable episodes are followed by utter nonsense. It’s frustrating, particularly since animation takes so long to make, so it’ll probably be a while until the writers and animators actually figure out what they’re doing (there’s a lot of improvements in this episode but there are still some baffling visual/narrative moments). Yet when an episode clicks, Guardians is just stupid, exciting fun. Really, that’s what works best about this show–dropping these heroic losers into a chaotic battle situation and forcing them to do whatever they have to do to survive, while quipping, bickering, and chattering at each other. Sure, character development would …

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