TV Club: Channing Tatum drives a wedge between Billie and Gene on Idiotsitter

Last week’s “Funeral” pushed Billie and Gene out of their environment and out of their respective types, making for the most compelling and surprising episode yet. “Hos Before Bros” similarly prods the characters and their dynamic, shaking things up by introducing an outsider: Trick Malloy (Gene: “Sounds like a bisexual pool player.” Billie: “Or an Irish magician.”), played by guest star Channing Tatum.

Tatum is the first actor on Idiotsitter who comes close to delivering a comedic performance on-par with Charlotte Newhouse and Jillian Bell. He’s given great material to work with: Every line that comes out of Malloy’s mouth makes it very clear that he’s very dumb, but he’s dumb in such a weird and specific way, which makes the character a lot more fun than just your average neighborhood idiot. Trick speaks in figures of speech that never really make sense (“Plane friends …

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