TV Club: Change threatens to shake up Grace And Frankie

Episodes that split up Grace and Frankie usually have a hard time tapping into that delightful flow that makes this show so fun and effortless, but “The Apology” largely succeeds even with its central figures apart. Grace spends the episode with Robert, and the titular apology happens between the two, emotions stirred up in the wake of Robert’s mother’s death. Frankie has a romantic date with Jacob that takes a turn when he announces plans to move to Santa Fe and invites her with him. Even though Grace and Frankie aren’t together in the episode, their separation ends up being significant to Frankie’s internal struggle: Suddenly, she must imagine a life without Grace.

She doesn’t give Jacob an answer right away, and he doesn’t expect one. But he’s the one to raise the big question: Does she really think she will live here …

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