TV Club: Catherine takes over Veep as Selina awaits her fate

All season, Veep has shown Catherine lurking in the background of scenes, filming Selina’s staff for her documentary. Catherine has caught a number of embarrassing or incriminating scenes on camera and fans have speculated all season whether she would leak the damning footage or whether the Chinese hackers would strike again, airing the Meyer team’s dirty laundry. Instead, neither comes to pass. Catherine presents her film without fanfare, avoiding the moments she was explicitly requested to leave out while still capturing the chaos, toxicity, and occasional humanity of the Meyer White House. “Kissing Your Sister” is fantastic, the writers taking advantage of the opportunities presented by this format to explore the characters in new ways while delivering a consistently hilarious episode.

“Kissing Your Sister” is situated perfectly in the season. With Selina’s fate still hanging in the balance and little for her team to do while the …

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